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How to move from temp work to a permanent career

How To Move From Temp Work To A Permanent Career   Feb2024

​Seize the opportunity

That’s the thing about opportunities; you don’t always know one when you see one. It’s why they can be missed, and you find yourself letting one slide by, without fully realising.

As you know, at AWF we’re in the business of hiring and we would like to take the time to throw a little light on the awesome opportunities that may be overlooked by job seekers. We know that there are good candidates out there who are smart, experienced, and really keen for work, but perhaps are not fully aware of all the ‘what-ifs’ being missed when they decide against applying for an advertised temp job (or temporary assignment as we call them).

We get it. A ‘temporary assignment’ doesn’t exactly scream ‘long-term’, ‘career’ or ‘opportunities’ — it’s in the name. But when you want to get stuck into building a life with an organisation you love, the temporary assignments you’ve done beforehand, could be the key to unlocking that opportunity.

Whatever the reason you’ve not found a permanent job to settle into, whether it hasn’t been the right timing, you haven’t quite got all the skills you need, or you’re a little unsure exactly what you are looking for, spending some time in temporary assignments for AWF can in fact, be the ideal groundwork. In this blog, we’ll outline eight key steps to get you perfectly ready for your pathway to perm work.

​​1. Do a good job

Self-explanatory? Maybe a little. But it’s worth pointing out that really making an effort and doing a great job in your temporary assignment, is an ideal way to demonstrate your hire-ability for permanent opportunities. Your consultant, and the company will notice, adding a big ‘tick’ in all the right boxes.

2. Show commitment

We know that because it’s ‘just’ a temporary assignment, some people (not you of course!) can occasionally treat it as less important. But whether you are labouring on a work site, or doing a shift on the production line, your role is essential in getting that work done, for your team and the business. By turning up every day, doing the mahi, being responsive and showing commitment, you are demonstrating your integrity. This visible commitment is a highly attractive quality to employers recruiting for a permanent job.

3. Health & safety first

We take health & safety very seriously at AWF, following the appropriate laws and regulations, as do the clients we recruit permanent staff for. When you put health & safety first, you are demonstrating your readiness to work permanently.

4. Be drug & alcohol free

This is a health & safety issue too, but it’s also about character. Alcohol and drugs don’t belong at work, nor do the effects of these, so stay free of these while you are on site and before work. Then you can be considered as a serious contender when the perfect perm job arises.

5. Be consistent, reliable and on time

We all have those challenging days. You know how it goes, you slept badly, the alarm didn’t go off, the car won’t start… and where did you leave your boots? It’s how we handle those little annoyances of daily life that matters. Plan how you are going to get to work to ensure you get there before the start of your shift, allowing extra time for traffic or public transport delays. When life throws a curve ball, text your consultant and let them know. Consistency and reliability are key for building your profile as the ‘right choice’ candidate when that great job vacancy pops up.

6. Say yes to opportunities

In the daily work of your temporary assignment, there will be chances that arise for you to do a little more, take on a different task, or help out in a new area. Jumping on these opportunities with a positive YES will support you in two important ways. Firstly, you may get to learn a new skill and build on your experience. Secondly, you show you are ready for more; the next step of permanent work.

7. Choose wisely

When you’ve got a bit of positive experience under your belt in temporary assignments, there will no doubt be times at the close of an assignment, when your consultant offers you a choice for your next role: Job A, or Job B. Which path will you take? Consider which choice will help you, and where this next role may lead. It makes sense to take the assignment that offers you the chance to learn and grow your experience, build on your responsibilities, and one where a perm job is a potential next step.

8. Speak up

Lastly, when you feel that you are ready, make your intentions loud and clear. Don’t be afraid to speak up and let your consultant know: ‘My long-term objective is to get a permanent job’. This way, we can work alongside you, providing support and advice, connecting with employers who may hire you, and ultimately helping you to achieve your goal.


What do you think about this pathway to perm? We hope that you can now see how temporary assignments can be so much more than its name, and is an excellent option to take in preparation, and to help build your career.

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