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Terms of Business

  1. These Terms and Conditions of Business are between AWF Group Limited (hereinafter called “the Supplier”) and its client (hereinafter called “the Hirer”) taking on hire from the Supplier the services of a member of the Supplier work force (hereinafter called the “Temporary Worker”). These Terms of business represent the entirety of the agreement between the Supplier and the Hirer.
  2. Engagement of the Temporary Worker by the Hirer shall be deemed an acceptance by the Hirer of these Terms of Business.
  3. The Hirer shall pay the Supplier hourly rate for the Temporary Worker and any other agreed expenses. There is an 8-hour minimum charge per worker per day, unless otherwise agreed with the Supplier.
  4. The Temporary Worker shall be under the direction and the control of the Hirer from the time of commencement of duties for the duration of the engagement. The Hirer is responsible for all acts, errors or omissions whether wilful or negligent or otherwise of the Temporary Worker and the Supplier does not accept any liability for any loss, expense or damages arising from any failure by the Temporary Worker howsoever arising. The Hirer shall ensure compliance with all statutory requirements relating to the Temporary Worker except where these are expressed to be the responsibility of the Supplier under these Terms of Business.
  5. The Hirer acknowledges that the charges by the supplier mainly represent monies already expended by the supplier and are payable by the Hirer on the 20th of the month following. The Hirer acknowledges that any cost incurred by the supplier in the recovery of any debt on a Solicitor or own client basis, (including interest of overdue monies of 1.5% per month) will be charged to the Hirer.
  6. Temporary Workers supplied by the Supplier to carry out the work shall at all times be employees of the Supplier and not of the Hirer and the Supplier shall pay all wages required by law to be paid by a Supplier in respect of such persons and shall make all appropriate Deductions from their wages in respect of PAYE and other Contributions.
  7. Site supervision is the responsibility of the Hirer. The Hirer warrants that all work is carried out in a safe and responsible manner and that all lawful requirements are complied with. The Hirer warrants the inclusion of the Temporary Worker in all the Hirer’s workplace health-monitoring programs.
  8. There is no overtime, or penal rates, except for work done on statutory holidays. As per the holidays act, hours of work done on statutory holidays are charged and paid at time + half, and have an additional 8hours charged and paid as a day in lieu.
  9. To discourage poaching of our employees, should the Hirer employ the Temporary worker within a period of 4months from the last introduction, by the Supplier, the Hirer shall be liable to pay the Supplier a penalty fee equal to 300 Hours hire of the Temporary Worker.
  10. The Hirer acknowledges that the Supplier has issued these terms and conditions for and on behalf of all of the companies in the AWF Group of companies which includes those companies in which AWF Group Limited is a shareholder, and the provision of credit by any such company to the Hirer will bind the Hirer to that company under these terms and conditions.