Location: Whangarei, New Zealand
Job Type: Temporary
Reference: 200105952_1539886051
Salary: Negotiable

Summer is almost here and Santa is only 9 Fridays away.

About now you're saying to yourself WTF only NINE Fridays? I haven't saved any money for the Mum and Dad's prezzie yet!!

That's where we can help you.

We need good reliable labourers that are not afraid to get up early, go home late, work in all kinds of weather, and try all kinds of jobs. You don't have to be an ace at everything you do, you just need to give it your best shot and be one of those types that say 'it's too hard' when there's something a little out of your comfort zone to be done. So we're both on the same wavelength, you could be helping moving a spa pool one day, unloading a container of umbrellas the next, and digging a trench for a plumber the day after that… all puts money in your account for those prezzies your panicking about.

What we'll do for you. . .

We'll make sure that the money that goes into your account each payday is yours to spend (the tax and Kiwisaver will have been deducted). We'll provide you with the appropriate PPE for the job (at no cost to you). We'll provide training in some areas if you really want to learn something different like doing traffic control. There's other stuff we'll provide and/or do for you bit I'd be writing a book instead of an ad.

What you need to do for us. . .

So if I haven't made you nod off while reading this, apply online and attach your CV, or better still bring it in to us at 33b Commerce Street and have a chat about what's available and it how it all works. If you're the shy type give us a call on 0800 88 88 60 (when the man answers, don't wait for him to finish his blurb, just enter 212), and ask for Haydn or Maire and have that chat. You need to pass a drug screen at our induction, and have a reasonably clean MoJ (we do check). You're also going to need a way of getting to the job.