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AWF Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Our people are our priority.

We believe that every person should go home free of injury every day.

Underpinning all our operations are robust health and safety policies and practices. We will work with you to proactively identify and manage risk. Everyone in our organisation plays a part in maintaining industry leading health and safety standards that are compliant with today’s legislation.

Our practices are designed to drive the prevention of harm. This includes:

  • Pre-employment checks

  • Health and safety training through inductions

  • Regular site audits and toolbox meetings

  • Providing site specific PPE where applicable

  • A zero tolerance towards drugs & alcohol

  • Worker participation programme with health and safety representatives both in our branches and in the field

  • Health and safety communication to all our branches and workers on key learnings and measures via regular newsletters and alerts

  • Measurement of key health and safety metrics

  • Continuous improvement of procedures and policies against our annual action plan and objectives

Health & Safety Golden Rules

To ensure the safety of all our staff we developed our 10 Golden Safety rules which we continually embed into our daily work tasks and our safety discussions. These rules have been determined by the areas of high risk identified within our industry.

Change of duties

Always advise and get approval for change of duties. Then step back 5x5 before starting work.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • Any change of duties is authorised by your AWF branch.
  • You have the necessary skills, licences and competency to perform the new duties.
  • You complete a Step Back 5x5 before commencing work and when your duties change.

Confined Spaces

Always keep out of confined spaces unless authorised and trained to enter.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You have the required competency, training, certification and authorisation from AWF prior to working in a confined space.
  • You work within an appropriate safe system of work, such as under a permit to Work.
  • You risk assess and thoroughly plan any task requiring you to work in a confined space.


You must be licenced & experienced to operate any vehicle, plant or equipment. Wear your seat belt and comply with speed limits.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You have the correct licence and endorsements, and are deemed competent prior to operating any vehicle, plant or equipment.
  • That you wear your seat belt and observe speed limits and other signage.
  • You risk assess and plan any task requiring operation of vehicles, plant or equipment.

Electrical Equipment

Always ensure all electrical equipment is safe to use and has RCD protection. Isolate power before electrical work.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You have the necessary licenses, experience and authorisation prior to commencing work.
  • Electrical equipment is fit for use before using it.
  • That you isolate power before commencing work on electrical systems or installations.

Fitness for Work & Competency

Always manage fatigue and be drug and alcohol free when you work. Always have the necessary skills and competence to do your tasks.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You are free from alcohol and other drugs when presenting for work.
  • You stop work and inform your supervisor if you feel excessively fatigued.
  • You have the necessary licences and competency to perform your tasks.

Incident Reporting

Always report all near misses and accidents immediately.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • Every task you undertake you complete a Step Back 5x5 prior to commencing work to prevent incidents in the first place.
  • You report all near misses and accidents immediately.
  • You participate in the rehabilitation process to get an early and safe return to work.


Always wear the required PPE that you have been issued for the task.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You wear and maintain the required PPE for the tasks you undertake.
  • You keep your PPE clean and in good condition.
  • You inform your AWF branch when your PPE needs replacing.

Unguarded Machinery

Always ensure guarding is in place and observed.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You have the necessary induction, training, experience and authorisation to work on machinery prior to commencing work.
  • You isolate and report any defects or problems with machine guarding to the client and your AWF branch.
  • Barriers identified as required by risk assessment are installed and signage observed.
  • You do not operate any insufficiently guarded machinery.

Working at Height

Always use fall protection where there is a risk of falling from height.

Stay Safe. Please ensure:

  • You have the necessary licences, experience and authorisation from AWF to work at height prior to commencing work.
  • You have risk assessed any task requiring you to work at height and taken action to eliminate or minimise the risk.
  • Any fall arrest equipment is fit for use prior to use.
  • You have a Site Safe Passport.

ACC Partnership Programme

We have been a member of the ACC Partnership Programme since 2001, and were the first recruitment company in the programme.

To be a member of this Programme, AWF have shown that we have:

  • The appropriate experience in managing occupational health and safety issues
  • Demonstrated commitment to injury prevention
  • An understanding and awareness of the importance of rehabilitation
  • The financial strength and soundness to meet all expected financial and other obligations arising under the Programme