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How could a temporary workforce help your business?

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As we move closer towards a return to normality, or at least as our new normal starts to take shape, our economy is beginning to show positive signs of recovery. Businesses are re-opening, and as they scale up their operations there is still uncertainty over our economic future and the speed of our nation’s recovery.

Across the country, businesses face varying levels of demand for their products and services. For these businesses, opting for contingent labour as a staffing solution offers a range of benefits and advantages.

As New Zealand resumes activity, it is difficult to determine with a high degree of certainty the labour needs across many industries and regions. However, with the utilisation of a temporary workforce, businesses can benefit in a number of different ways. These advantages include:

  1. Creating an agile and highly responsive workforce – ideal to help navigate variable operational requirements
  2. The ability to scale resources up and down quickly – helpful for the peaks and troughs your business may experience over the coming months
  3. A cost-effective solution that keeps things simple
  4. A way to reach great talent – opening up your workplace to a new range of people who are ready to hit the ground running
  5. Support to keep New Zealanders working – providing opportunities to workers who would otherwise be locked out of the labour market

AWF provides reliable, flexible options that can be tailored to your needs. If you want to learn more about how contingent staffing can benefit your business, contact hello@awf.co.nz – and let us put you in touch with someone from one of our 22 branches across the country, to help you find the people you need to get the job done.