Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Job Type: Temporary
Reference: 200088275_1526265698
Salary: Negotiable

We are looking for Plasterers who have a minimum of 3 years experience. You should have a good level of English language, be competent and physically fit. For health and safety reasons we will require the right applicant to complete a pre-employment drug screen.


* Apply coats of plaster or stucco to walls, ceilings, or partitions of buildings, using trowels, brushes, or spray guns

* Apply weatherproof, decorative coverings to exterior surfaces of buildings, such as troweling or spraying on coats of stucco

* Clean and prepare surfaces for applications of plaster, cement, stucco, or similar materials, such as by drywall taping

* Cure freshly plastered surfaces

* Install guidewires on exterior surfaces of buildings to indicate thickness of plaster or stucco, and nail wire mesh, lath, or similar materials to the outside surface to hold stucco in place

* Mix mortar and plaster to desired consistency or direct workers who perform mixing

* Cut, mould and install gibralter board sheet lining, ornamental plaster pieces, panels, and trim

* Rough the undercoat surface with a scratcher so the finish coat will adhere

* Apply acoustic materials or texture finish over walls and ceilings

* Apply insulation to building exteriors by installing prefabricated insulation systems over existing walls or by covering the outer wall with insulation board, reinforcing mesh, and a base coat

* Create decorative textures in finish coat, using brushes or trowels, sand, pebbles, or stones

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