Auckland - Construction & Technical

From Pukekohe, to Silverdale, and even Henderson - we are booming with jobs in the area and all over Auckland! We have a wide range of roles available ranging from casual temp labourers, experienced semi-skilled and trade assistants, to trades qualified ones in construction, engineering and electronics.

Our staff are knowledgeable, friendly, pro-active and will get you working immediately!

Meet the team

Ankit Jatana
Divisional Manager - Engineering and Technical
With a ‘can do’ attitude and the knowledge to back it up, Ankit is an unstoppable force, especially after his morning V hit. He runs at top speed and you’ll often see him out and about talking to clients and crew about their needs and safety while working. His leadership skills come out in abundance and you can be sure that if you have any issues, he knows what to do!

Dion Oldridge
Construction Recruitment Consultant

Calm and steady is Dion. He takes up the roll of placing our more skilled construction crew members, but don’t be fooled by his quiet manner - Dion is not afraid to get stuck in and handle any situation. He is a force to be reckoned with and there is nothing he won’t notice, especially given the amount of carrots he eats!

Shiane Van Rooyen
Construction Recruitment Consultant

Shiane has a spine of steel - there is no scenario that she can’t handle. When she is not spending her off time fighting fires (She is a volunteer fire-fighter!), she is preventing flames in the office by placing the right person on the right job!

Hayley Roberts
Technical Recruitment Consultant

Hayley is powerhouse and a steamroller in a tiny package. She has taken on a big role in our Technical/Engineering team placing people on jobs with specific technical or skill requirements - and she is roll, roll, rolling along nicely. Nothing can stop Hayley once she gets started and having her in your corner is a huge benefit. You can’t get better than Hayley!

Jo Cullen
Technical Recruitment Consultant

Jo is our go getter - she can get things done fast and always has a smile on her face. With a calm attitude that she can do anything, Jo excels at anything put in front of her. She adds a special view to the Technical team and is usually on the phone with clients and new inductees making sure everything runs as smoothly as she does!

Kirsten Silby
Construction Candidate Consultant

Kirsten spends most days in the office recruiting, screening and booking in new inductees. She also does inductions and takes care of the construction applicants and active crew. It’s a demanding and busy job but Kirsten has it nailed.

Monique Flatman
Candidate Consultant

Monique, also known as Mon, is the mother of the team – mixing recruitment, payroll and managing national clients. She also takes care of her candidates as if they were her own kids, sometimes even bringing in a cheeky lunch on-site. Mon certainly knows how to keep cool when it gets busy.

Pamela Ulip
Candidate Consultant
Pam has been a gift to this division. We are ever expanding our crew and a lot of these new and skilled crew members are coming from overseas. Pam helps internally with all the paperwork and additional need that immigration requires. With a ‘yes’ attitude there is nothing Pam can’t accomplish