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Temporary staff are used in most industries and by most companies around the globe. It is not uncommon for multi national companies to employ up to 10% of their workforce as temporary staff.


Why? Flexibility is the main reason. Whether a business is seasonal, influenced by weather dependency, or cyclical in terms of demand, what better way to ensure fixed labour costs are minimised than through use of flexible staffing?


Our motto is our promise.


       We will provide...

                  ...the Right People

           to get the...

               Job Done


Q. How long would it take for you to find the temporary staff I am seeking?
A. Depending on the level of skills you are requiring for the particular positions, it is probable we will fill your job within 24 hours. We have a database of thousands of workers, many of whom make temporary employment their ongoing occupation. We work hard to retain our good employees and we are continuously adding to them with ongoing recruitment campaigns. Many of the jobs we fill are 'short-notice' i.e. next day and same day.


Good feedback is as important as critical feedback, so thought it was important to let you know I have been very impressed with the service of Allied so far.
Your Christchurch consultants have ensured a very smooth running into the handover daily temp requirements, they are a real credit to your company.
Grant was on site this morning before 6.30am with the new Allied crew, looking very sharp in their new PPE. I really appreciated this personal touch. My first impression of the Allied temporary staff is that they are a good bunch of boys, eager for a decent days work, all very polite and respectful.

AWF Labour - Providing Labouring Jobs to the Workforce

Is your interest is General Labouring, Construction, Civil Works, Infrastructure, or Waste Management?  Whether you are looking to employ temporary staff or you are looking for a job in one of these sectors, you should be talking to AWF Labour. We can assist you through the provision of a temporary workforce, or we can help you find a labour job.

Across the country, through 29 branches from Kaitaia to Invercargill, AWF Labour places hundreds of staff every day into these sectors. More importantly, as staff supplier to some of New Zealand’s largest constructors, we transition many temporary staff to permanent status each month.

Our motto is to place the Right People to get the Job Done. To do so we thoroughly vet applicants, undertake initial induction and training and most importantly, select staff who have demonstrated responsibility and reliability in previous roles.

AWF Labour has been providing New Zealand industry for 24 years. With that experience we have learned to be the best in the business, at our job. Over the years we have been asked to supply all manner of skills and experience. With a network as wide reaching as ours, we are generally able to provide whatever our customers seek.

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